Current prescribed amounts

August 21st, 2015

WorkCover’s new Schedule of prescribed amounts for;

  • Weekly compensation payments;

  • Medical expenses and

  • Rehabilitation

applies form the 1 July this year.

The new schedule can be viewed here.

Features of the new schedule include;

  • A new prescribed amount “maximum payment” of $232,050 for weekly payments;
  • An increase in the prescribed amount for medical expenses and rehabilitation to respectively, $69,615 and $16,244;
  • A new cap for weekly payments of $2,619.70;
  • An increase in the cap payable for common law claims below the not less than 25% whole person impairment level, to $487,308.

The following amount apply in relation to fatalities;

  • Lump sum payable to dependants: $580,125
  • Child’s allowance: $137 per week payable initially, to WorkCover

  • Funeral expenses: $10,011

The new amount will continue until 30 June 2020.