Applications for an extraordinary drivers licence and related matters are heard by Magistrate and can be located here.

A Magistrate has a discretion to grant an “EDL” to a person when that persons drivers licence has been disqualified by a court. Much will depend on the circumstances of each case and the reasons why the licence is required. Relevant matters include;

  • The safety of the public;

  • The character of the applicant;
  • The overall circumstances of the application;
  • The nature of the offence or offences giving rise to the disqualification;
  • Any relevant conduct of the applicant since the disqualification;
  • Why the “EDL” is required.

At the hearing, the applicant must produce evidence to the Magistrate showing that without the EDL, the applicant;

  • Will be deprived of the means of obtaining urgent medical treatment for an illness, disease or disability suffered by the applicant or a member of the applicants family;
  • Will suffer an undue financial burden by depriving the applicant/his family of its principal means of obtaining income;
  • Will be deprived of the only practical means of travelling to and from the place where the applicant is employed.

There is a statutory waiting time following the disqualification of not less than 28 years.

An EDL cannot be issued in the following circumstances;

Where the relevant licence was granted interstate;

Demerit suspensions;

Suspensions due to non payment of fines or a disqualification notice issued by a police officer.

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